· EPC turnkey project

What is EPC? 

Overall contract of design, procurement and construction or turnkey project means that Runda shall fully responsible for the on-site investigation, engineering design, project declaration, material procurement, project construction, grid-connected acceptance, quality, safety, period and cost of the contracted project in accordance with the provisions of the contract.

EPC Features: 

higher requirements for owner's capital capacity, shorter occupation time of capital flow for EPC contractors, and lower requirements for owner's professional technology.

· EMC Energy Management Contract

What is EMC?

Runda provides capital, design, construction and maintenance for owners, and builds photovoltaic power station on their roofs. The ownership and income right of power station belong to Runda, while the owners can get energy-saving benefits from roof rent, electric charge concessions or both of them.

EMC Features:

Owners make full use of idle roofs; Runda releases its partial income to the owners, so that the owners get electric charge income and state subsidies; it helps to declare project and reduce the risk of business policies.

· Photovoltaic Financial Services

Through the cooperation with banks, it provides photovoltaic financial loan services under EPC cooperation mode for residents, industrial users and business users.

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